Air-Water Heat Pumps

The heat pump is a heating mode that draws calories into an existing environment to restore them inside a home. This principle applies to the air-water heat pump (PAC) which recovers the calories contained in the air, transforms them into heat that will heat water, then diffused in your heating system.

Equipment necessary for the operation of a PAC:
1. (The evaporator) The refrigerant, in the liquid state, recovers the calories from the outside air. The temperature of the fluid increases thanks to the energy captured. The fluid then turns into gas, it evaporates;
2. The compressor, powered by an electric motor, sucks and then compresses the refrigerant. At the end of this phase, the gaseous fluid is hot and under high pressure;
3. The condensation of the refrigerant, when in state of high pressure steam allows the heat to be transmitted to the heating water. The gas returns to the liquid state;
4. The regulator lowers the pressure of the refrigerant and prepares the liquid fluid before the evaporation phase.